Is there a way to hide a single object?

Often one needs to work on an object, but another object is in the way. I’d like to hide the object which is in the way. Is there a way to do this?

Ah! That’ll teach me to keep my Items Manager in a complete mess. OK, I’ll do some tidying up, and make some folders and name my parts sensibly.

Thank you.

If you double tap the item(s) you want to group in item manager you can move all selected to that group by pressing the folder icon. Then you can select the hide button for the entire group.

@Istvan, my workflow would benefit GREATLY with a dedicated HIDE option from the model space.
I have large complex models with thousands of bodies, all separated into a fairly deep and complex folder tree.
I often need to hide items in a different logical assembly (and hence folder) as I am modeling or collaborating/doing design review with others while I am in the model space
Having to backtrack up out of the current folder and follow the breadcrumbs into the depths of another folder path each time I want to hide one body that is in the way is VERY disruptive.
I have seen a hide option requested several times. I keep expecting to see it everywhere I see the Isolate option…but no love yet.
Please consider this. I believe it will become more and more important as you pursue users and businesses with professional level requirements.
Thank you!


Noted. We’ll implement this.


And again…thanks for your (and your team’s) AWESOME responsiveness and consideration of user feedback.