Join lines into one face

With great difficulty I recreated a sketch I did easily in Adobe Illustrator (see attached), however it is not appearing as a face when I exit sketching mode. It is just a bunch of separate lines. Therefore I can’t extrude it or anything else. I zoomed in super close and made sure all points are connected. How can I join all points so it appears as one face?

Greatly improved sketching capabilities would make Shapr3D a great product.

It’s hard to tell why you can’t extrude your sketch from only image. You can share your project so we can inspect.

But I don’t agree about sketching ability of shapr3D. So I want to show you how easy to reproduce your sketch.

I didn’t use any hotkeys intentionally so you can follow my movements. Otherwise the process would be much quicker.

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All of your videos just spin the arrow. I have to download and use a video player to see them. Other’s videos work fine. Consider using a 3rd party video capture please.

What device are you using? I’ve tried to play my videos on all my devices in all kind of browsers everywhere they playing ok.

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Windows laptop. Spins in both Firefox and Chrome. yesterday pushing play the timeline would advance but no frame advance and I could download it and it would play fine. Now I can’t download it to play and it just spins. Likely a codec problem.

This one is better?

No. Back to no action on the timeline unless I use the mouse to advance then the action stalls again. If I right click and open in new tab, I can then download it, click on it and play it. What codec are you using in your mov files?

Chances are, you do have a gap somewhere. Do this to troubleshoot and find the gap.

Be nice if there was an “Auto-join” function.

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h264. This is the only normal way to keep video quality and stay in 30mb limit.

I can view that one. Thanks.

I can’t view them on a Windows laptop either. Tried two browsers.

This one is ok?

Or this

Here’s one of many ways to create this body.


Not bad. I just like to be more parametric. So I can easily adjust form later

I totally understand and agree with post adjustment capabilities with parametric. You provide sound examples. I’m not on board yet with the parametric version and I will be once it’s released. I will have to change my workflow once I get on board. So far, I’m used to minimizing sketches and discarding them provided they no longer needed.


Istvan said in the next month will be final release.
I came from other CAD where parametric+variables were for ages so I just can’t do only direct modeling anymore :slight_smile:

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In my career I managed engineers that used a variety of CAD programs (Pro-E, Solidworks, Delcam PowerShape, Geomagic, and Freeform to name a few). I was never hands-on other than a one week course in Pro-E for managers back in the day. After I retired I discovered Shapr3D and never looked back. I find direct modeling fast and intuitive and am able to design and 3D print quite efficiently. Although I have an iMac Pro, I prefer doing all my modeling on my iPad Pro. I only use the keyboard for naming bodies and exporting.


An essentially identical story for me as well. Although I do own a copy of SolidWorks, and tried several other programs before discovering Shapr3D. I tried SketchUp, 123D (AutoCAD), Fusion, and some other hokey wanabes. Haven’t touched anything since.

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I suspect it has to do with the .mov extension. Can you save as a .mp4?