Joining arcs to extrude


I have used the two circles and the offset command to create an elongated sin wave with a width of 2.5mm. It forms a loop and it looks closed. There are a lot of arcs after all the trimming, perhaps 40-50. I can extrude the edge of each arc, but not the face. The sketch shading has disappeared. There are a mix of black and black/white dots where the arcs join and the loop looks complete. I also press the broken black/red dots when they appear… How can I extrude a volume from this sketch is my question. I have used constraints as I went, but they didn’t always stay in position.

Also is there an add function for the sketchs, like for groups? I could do with hiding some of them?

So far it’s early days for me, starting to get used to the app,

Thanks, Ed.

Hi Ed,

Can you post a picture of what you have problem with? Maybe a video? That would help a lot to understand the issue you are having.

All sketches that are on the same “level” / face are stored in one group. You can add to these any time. But you can’t separate these right now into different sketch groups. What else do you want to do here?


OK, this issue was solved. Exchanged a few emails with Ed and figured out what the issue was. Turns out his sketch was done imperfectly, which resulted in no sketch filling. (object on the left)

Here’s the video I created for Ed that expalins how to create a shape like this easily that you can actually extrude.


Thanks G,

Expert help and advice, easy when you know how! :relaxed: