Can't create body?

Hi everyone, I’m new at this so I apologize if this ends up being a simple answer to a dumb question.

I’ve been modeling around and I’ve created what looks to me like a body that should be able to be extruded. All of the points are connected. Or I’ve at least zoomed in and connected all of them so I think they are. Does anyone know what I could do to make this body extrude? I’m trying to make a crude radar dish to 3d print as an ultrasonic sensor housing.


Without a file or at least without a picture it will be very difficult to help you.

Oh gosh my bad! Here is the photo I took!

Let me know if you would need a better image or angle. So far I have just used sketches on different planes to get the geometry but I guess it’s not connecting or something.

Hi there,
Your sketch as drawn cannot be extruded as the arcs are on different planes. Only sketches created on a flat plane can be extruded initially. When drawn on a flat plane and properly connected, the area inside the sketch will tint blue when you navigate the plane at an angle. Only then can you extrude the sketch.

Thank you! If I wanted to create a non-uniform body (arcs of different sizes) how would I do that on a single plane? Or possibly you could link me to a different thread/tutorial that would enlighten me. Thank you again.

Here are a couple of examples to show some techniques. Note that I wasn’t going for accuracy. The first example I used Loft and the second I used Revolve. Both were derived from that single arc’d sketch.

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That was EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you greatly, have a wonderful rest of your night!

One other note. In the first example above, in addition of moving the 2nd sketch outward, you can also include using Scale to make it larger.

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