Joints for Bodies or Assemblies

I’m wondering if there is any discussion of adding a Joint function to Shapr.

The addition of the align tool, with multiple bodies as well, has me thinking that a Joint constraint could be applied to bodies and assemblies in a similar way.

Basic rotational and linear joints, with or without motion limits. This would allow the modeling of linkages in a suspension system for example. Or to demonstrate the function of a design with moving parts. This would be very useful for multipart designs that pivot or slide.

I have drawn sketches, and playing with the constraints to get the sketch to move in a simulated motion behavior is VERY tedious and one dimensional.

I have designed assemblies that have moving parts in shapr, and to try and demonstrate their function I can only move one part or group or parts (folder) at a time, by selecting them and moving the gizmo to the feature I want to define as the movement origin. For rotation as an example.

This is just a thought, and again I was just curious if it’s been or being considered.



Strongly considered. :wink:


I would also find this very useful, and for the same reasons,just being able to lock in a second axis point in relation to the primary.


+1 for joints

My particular use cases for joints are to visualize motion when designing parts (to check if there are any overlaps in clearance) and to also restrict / lock objects into a particular range of motion so I can easily move them back / forth without having to worry about re-aligning them with each other all the time