Knife Block

I wanted a Knife Holder for the set of three inexpensive Harbor Freight ceramic kitchen knives. These are very sharp, hold their edge for a long time and easy to keep clean. After they lose their very sharp edge, they are still quite sharp so I repurpose them to the outdoors where they don’t rust and buy new ones. Once you use ceramic it is hard to go back to metal knives.
One of the downsides of ceramic knives is that they are brittle. So you can’t cut bone or bang with them. Also if you throw them in a wooden drawer, someone will jam the tip of one into the wood and when lifted up, the blade tip can snap off. So I wanted an attractive knife block. I saw a picture of one in a magazine for 12 knives so I was inspired by this.

Decided that this would be a great learning exercise for Shapr3D.

First started by modeling the Medium Knife. Then did the Block based on a rough idea of size. Totally non symmetrical with each face being a sketch. Extruded all faces to 0.20 in and did cutouts. Scaled the medium size knife up and down using. Transform tool. Fit turned out OK. Still a work in progress and needs lots of cleanup before 3D Printing. And I can experiment with variations on the design.

Lots of lessons learned but among the most important is to start working in 3D ASAP. Even if your sketches are not perfect. This provides immediate gratification that will keep you learning and progressing.

I will report on how this project evolves. Good luck with your own creations.