Custom knife maker

Hi everyone,

First post here and first real object made in shapr3D, I am a part time knife maker and have started to explore ways of testing out designs first in 3D on the computer and then 3D printing them before continuing to cutting the real parts in steel and other materials.

Still a ton to learn but happy so far, happy new year to everyone!


Good start! Thanks for sharing…



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They have high prices, exotic materials, and limited availability. In the upper echelon of custom knives, you can pay five or six figures for a knife.


I still try to keep my prices on a decent level but yeah material used and time consumed really makes them more expencive but at the same time uniq :slight_smile:

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I am trying to model a knife at the moment, can you tell me how you produced the blade edge bevel?
I am also using holes in the handle to lighten the total blade weight.

As mentioned above, I could use some guidance with the beveled edge of the blade. BTW, I have the 2D sketch completed, but not extruded yet.

Use the Loft tool.