Knobs knobs knobs…

Hello everyone!

My first post here on these forums.

Love this app, and use it everyday. Sometimes for my side hustle, sometimes for fun.

I make knobs for any vehicle, any purpose.
A couple years ago I needed to solve my audio issues in my 1964 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.
I finally arrived at a nice compact Bluetooth amplifier. But the knob was dorksville.
So I re-created a stock OEM knob with the word RADIO on it. It blends in with my dash, and sounds great!

Fast forward and someone sees my cool toy and asks me. To make one. The rest is history.

That was over 300 sales ago.

Using this app I’ve made tons of knobs for all kinds of vehicles ranging from a 32 ford to a 72 Defender, to a 80s Celica!

Thank god for Shapr3d. Makes designing fun.

I’ll grab some pics if I can figure this out. I’m not seeing an attach button, but I’ll get it done.


I’ve been making knobs for years as well. Aircraft, boats, kitchens, etc.


Let me help you out;

You might as well use copy and paste, make a screenshot of the picture, put it into the clipboard and insert it in your post by ctrl+V.
In regards of the knob-topic: I made a chicken-head knob some years ago for the LED-dimmers at the whiteboards in our office.
Today I would have a little more fun by modelling it with S3D, and the results would be a little better, due to the ability to use SLA-printing (less steps on the chickenhead would have been nice).
Let us all praise the world for giving us access to cool tools like S3D and affordable 3D-printing - techniques!
Cheers Matt


Let’s try this.
I really like this new publishing feature. Let’s customers see their design come to life.


I like them :+1: