With some of my models that have more detail it starts lagging a lot. My most recent is so slow I’ve had to abandon it all together and I’m only on the base. What am I doing wrong? I’ve seen so much more detailed work than mine. Anything with threads gets real bad quick.

Hi, with the number of holes on the base, I will recommend you create the other part of the design on a different workspace.
Afterward, you can import the part into the workspace and then put it together with the base using the Transform move feature. You can also merge the parts to become one body using the Union Tool.

Hi, Roger

Can I ask you in which iPad model are you running the app?


If you are intent on manufacturing your design you will need to do as @Victor_Shapr3D suggests, place the components in separate Designs

Please bear in mind that the following was created to push S3D to the limit, all software has limits and the viewing aspects mentioned below, apply to all software.

This may be of interest and hopefully somewhat helpful:

On the subject of Threads I found the reasonable limit to be 1 Metre of 10mm Threaded Rod [AKA All Thread].
However displaying it is a problem, just like the Gate Panels in the linked Thread above [i.e., as in Shapr3D Forum], where on a standard ‘large screen’ it could be a simulated presentation:

There is ‘some’ detail but you have to get close, well closer than this:

Clearly there is little point in producing such an object when with a top end iPad it takes about 30 minutes to load the .shapr File. The latter is essential to witness the detail and IMO you have to get closer in than this to see it at its best:

IMO on performance, price and creative input S3D is THE one to beat.

I didn’t think about doing it that way. I’ve since completely changed my base design and completed the project. Not the same but will look good still.

I’m using the iPad Pro 512 gig.

Does Shapr3D allow users to defeature a solid and make it a dumb solid. Would this be the best option to make files smaller and more manageable? If so can machining features be added to a dumb solid?