Lasso-like tool needed

See pls below how much annoying is the lacking feature of selecting multiple lines or sketches. I must select left and right#handd lines but it’s very hard to do it successfully. Disappointing.


We are keenly aware of this shortcoming and a lasso tool is on our short-term list of things to implement. Can’t give an ETA just yet, but it’s definitely coming :slight_smile:


Happy to hear that!


Make a hold button on the left or right used when selection is activated…
Also, I have more ideas on how to make this program really intelligent and simply to use

Is already better then Stone Age programs like rhinoceros

So please take this.

Also try to introduce text add with word fonts please.

The necessity shows itself much more in the below shot, to duplicate near 3 hundred edges to the left plane.

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We are on it.


excited for Lasso feature!

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Very very nice work!!! If I only had that tenacious ability!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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thanks :pray:it had to be done since it was a part of an article. True for 160 more too!!!

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Have not been here in a while… did multi select ever make it into the UI?