Leather stamp


Hello all I was asked by a friend to make him a leather stamp. When I print it, it doesn’t print the whole stamp half of it is missing. This is the image I’m working with what might/am I doing wrong.


Hi - the picture is missing.



Sorry about that re uploaded the picture



That parts circled in red don’t print what could I be doing wrong?


How are you printing this? How thick are the various parts? Perhaps a perspective view would help?




It’s 34.925mm by 34.925mm about 5mm high to the flat part and the stamp part is about 2.5mm when I open in cura I set my layer height to .12 50% infill then print. When it gets to the top of the print it on print the non red circled part in the picture I posted. I print it flat.


Hi Firefighter, I had a similar problem with a darth Vader bookmark I printed…issue was that it was just too small a detail.

When you slice the model, is the detail you have circled showing when you look at a layer view of the print?

My detail wasn’t there so I had to scale the piece until the details was in the layer view, then print…


I got it to work had to play around some but it worked great at 34.925 mm


Glad you got it to work…