Library folder for storing standard part drawing such as screw, hinges, small wheels

Hi Sir / Mdm,

Very much appreciated if anyone can help advise on how to create a library folder for storing standard part drawings such as screw, hinges, handles, castor wheels so that I can extract them and re-use them on other drawings. Thank you.

Still on the wish list.

I don’t get this issue. I use Files, and folders within the Files feature on iPad/Mac. I have folders for all types of parts, and import them as needed. I use Shapr3D commercially, and have many hundreds of component folders.

Yes, however what I’d like to see is a folder that you can stuff parts in, close one project and then the folder is there in any project you open without having to import the parts. Drag and drop into the project. Especially handy if you have multiple similar projects. Kinda like a backpack.

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I perceive that is exactly what I’m doing. Within a project, I click on import, choose the folder of parts, i.e.: pipe fittings, motors, bearings, or other, and it imports them to the origin. Any project I have open, has access to those folders. Is it drag and drop? No, but I don’t want to give up space on my screen for more folders.

I understand your process and have used it out of necessity. Shapr lacks copy and paste between projects. Drag and drop into projects. These are basic to so many other programs. A simple library folder in the folder panel holding commonly used parts to draw from. Parts that will be used in multiple projects. It’s about productivity. What’s the objection to this potential benefit? 1 folder in a folder panel that hides?

No objection. I’m just not in the band wagon for this to be a priority for Shapr3D, compared to other things they are working on.