Library of standard screw sizes

Do you have a library of standard DIN sized components? I’m specifically interested in screw sizes, but others may have interest in other standardised components.

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At present there in no such library, but it is understood that ‘a library’ is planned.

My workaround is to produce an External Thread of 10mm diameter on a Cylinder and and matching Internal Thread in a suitable Body.
Needed variations are derived from these by Scaling, e.g., 60% will give a 6mm Threaded object, and so on.
I have a ‘library’ of different Heads/Nuts/Specials/etc, across a wide range.
By selecting appropriate parts and assembling them in order it is easy to build the Fastening required. E.g., in the ScreenShot the 'stud can be made double ended by Copying and Moving.

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