Limit before it crashes is 10 nano meters

Smallest line you can draw is 10.1 nanometers, 10 registers as zero. Lines are halved until 0.000015625 then top most line is 10.1 nanos.

How are we supposed to compete with this guy haha.


Double precision floating point numbers can represent ~9 decimal digits precisely, so this is pretty much the limit of the current computational technology the world has :slight_smile: On the other hand, the actual precision of Parasolid models is typically between 10^-4m and 10^-6m.

But this is clearly just the limit of the calibration, if you want to you can simply say that 1m = 1nm, and then design accordingly. All that matters is the relative precision, which is absolutely stunning: Parasolid achieves this level of precision even for objects that are up to 1km long.


That actually solves my problem haha. Thank god for the metric system.Thanks!

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