Grid and number input format

Hi everyones,
I’ve starter working with Shapr3D for a week now and i’me very pleased with the potential of Shapr3D.
I’m designing tooling and injection mold so to be sure that my design does not accumulate imperfections i normaly use 4 to 6 digit in my numbers.
Can anybody indicate how to get this ajustements on shaper3d?
Thanks in advance!
Mario Lafontaine

Shapr3D maintains the precision of the numbers you type in, but will round them to 3 fractional digits for display. There’s currently no way to display more than 3 fractional digits.

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Thanks TheBum,
It would be a very nice update to have 4,5,6 digit specialy if you work in imperial (.015625 = 1/64in). Maybe in futur update.

If I recall correctly, Shapr internal precision is very high (single or double precision floats) it just does not show them and it also explains why you can’t choose, they already are calculated as deep as possible.

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The only thing i need is to work with known dimensions. In the real world, there is no « nominal » dimensions like 3.250in, 1.125in, 3,5mm. It’s pretty basic to verify everything now and then where you are building a geometry of a mold or jig.
Ok for the fact that Shapr3D use double precision, and it’s also ok for the fact that Shapr3D takes all the digits you write but (and this is my point), you have no possibility to verify it. Because of that, it’s almost useless. It’s like working blind.
I bought the most expensive subscription just to make sure i will be able to switch to Shapr3D because of the possibility of using my Pad or my Mac but this is a major problem.

I see your point; in fact it shouldn’t be difficult to have the possibility to choose how many decimal places are shown.