iPad - 4.0.1 - Hotfix for 2D drawings

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We whipped up a hotfix for our latest release. Sad to say, a bug managed to slip in: The dimensions of objects measured in architectural units were different in the drawing sheet than in the design space. With the newest 4.0.1 update, they should be in working order.

:information_source: But before you go back to the drawing board, remember that the dimensions in the design space are rounded to 3 decimal places, while dimensions in the drawing sheet are rounded to 2 decimal places. So, that means 3.847 inches in the design space is shown as 3.85 inches in the drawing sheet.


Isn’t that rather significant amount? 2 decimal places is not accurate enough is it? 2 places in millimeters I can see, but not inches.

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@Oregonerd 100% agreed.

Aside from what is on the roadmap for upcoming 2D drawing features, increasing the current dimensional precision to match the modeling space/toggling precision for specific annotated dimensions is my main request at the moment.

I’m hoping soon after that a +/- tolerance note can be added. 90% of my designs are in the .xxx” range, with some dimensions being .xxxx” for class fits of parts. Although the 3D design space doesn’t go that precise, a feature in the drawing should be able to be annotated to show .xxxx precision if required.

I mean, that’s what the drawings are for, in regards to machining.

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@Oregonerd @NathanD Thanks for your feedback! I’ll let the team know.

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I have 4.0.1 and my fractional units are rounding to 1/8”. Any other “hot fixes” coming soon?

Hi DonB!

Could you please share your workspace with us so we can take a look?

Many thanks,

Is just uploading my shapr3d file enough? If so here it is:

Shapr Test 1-116 Cube.shapr (55.7 KB)

This cube was made with 1-1/6" sides. Notice that in the drawing, it is dimensioned as 1".

Thanks for the help. Would be awesome to see a fix for this ASAP, because this makes things pretty unusable. If I am making any errors, please let me know.

where is the information on update 4.02?

Hi! Yes, we round the fractional values to 1/8", which is indeed too strict. We will increase the precision in this case in the next update.

Moreover, later we will add an option to set the exact precision of what you need. This means that you will be able o set the number of decimal digits as well. We need a few weeks to do that, but this is one of our highest priorities.

In 4.0.2 we fixed a bug that prevented Hobby users to import STL files, Drawings feature is not changed.


Not even in mm. This certainly needs to move over one more decimal point. I’ve never designed a machined or injection molded part with a two decimal point tolerance. That is unheard of.