Linear pattern with fillet - any good practice?


I want to have pattern with fillets.
I cannot make fillets in sketches, so I need to add them in the actual element. This already has some disadvantages.
But these elements cannot be multiplied in a linear pattern.
So if I have 100 rectangles with each four corners with fillets I need to:

  • Sketch the rectangle
  • Make linear pattern of sketch
  • Extrude EACH item
  • Add 400 fillets manually.

Is that correct? If this is correct I cannot use the software anymore. Just very bad design!

I am using latest OSX version.

Hi Schlank,

No. That’s not the best way to approach it. You should either add the fillets to the sketch, or first extrude the rectangle, fillet it, and then create the pattern.

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But how can I add fillets in a sketch?

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