Potential extrusion + fillet bug?

I’m trying to poke a hole in a box using a solid that has a round fillet. I’m experiencing a weird behavior where the fillet is being lost when the hole is open.

Since new forum members can’t upload attachments, here’s an iCloud link with the video of what’s happening:


Is this a bug or something that I did wrong on my geometry?

Derek, while I agree that is odd, I tend to extrude sketches without the fillets, then fillet the hole corners afterward.

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Yes, that’s weird indeed. If you switch to Extrude from the Offset face tool, it shouldn’t happen though.


Weird man!
I think you need to “rest” the software :joy:

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While looking for alternate ways to do what I wanted I found that creating a sketch plane and moving it away from the solid face (previously it was sketched on the face) solved the issue.

Thanks for commenting with other ways of doing it as well. It helped me to realize that it was dumb to 1) sketch 2) extrude 3) fillet 4) poke the hole when I could 1) sketch 2) poke the hole 3) fillet, saving one step.


Derek, there is nothing dumb about learning. We all learn from everyone else on this forum. Once it is opened up for you to post your file, you should share that with the forum, so the guys at Shapr3D can understand the glitch. There is nothing wrong with the manner in which you did this. It should work fine.


As McD states, learning is never a bad thing, and it never ends. You say you are dumb for doing it the way you did because it used an extra step and you learned a way to skip that step. However, if you were trying to extrude that specific profile through multiple other bodies your original way would be the fastest, as opposed to retroactively adding the fillets to multiple other bodies. Plus, we as a community learn from the problems presented by our peers. That’s to everyone’s benefit. As they say, “a rising tide raises all ships”.