Hi I love Shapr3D, but is there any way you can make 3D lines a little finer? Ie, on chamfered and rounded edges??
Still learning by the way… :innocent:


Jim, in the image mode, you can turn off all the lines. It’s one of the buttons left of the capture button. Does this help?

Hi yes I have, but then the edges look to soft.

Jim, I understand the too soft look. I’m not aware of how to soften the “intra” lines, but it is a good suggestion.

What you can do, if you have a photo editing software (like Photoshop) Do a capture with edges and the same one without edges. Overlay both images on separate layer and put the image with edge on the top layer. Then, adjust the opacity of the top layer until you reach the desire result.


Nice, but I’m not using photoshop or planning to