Combine faces?

Watching some of your more advanced youtube videos, there is an operation that happens sometimes and is never shown. He goes from this:

And removes the “lines”/“edges” between the multiple faces.
Is this possible to do on Shapr3d? Is he exporting to some other app and combining the faces there? If so, which program is used?
Thank you!

Here is the after image:

Hi, the body was generated from a loft of layers of sketches. To make the lines invisible simply hide the sketches on the Items window as shown below:

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Thanks for your quick reply Victor. I can see that on that video the lines were the sketch planes. However, I have a different problem. On my design, it looks there are a couple of edges I would like to remove:

(This was created by the union of three solids)
Can I remove these edges easily, or will I have to re-do the solid using the loft operation?

Hi, you can’t, but why do you want to remove them?

I am using shaper to demonstrate the conceptual design, so I am interested in how good the model looks (I am not going to fabricate the design for now). I have noticed that some of these artifacts confuse the people when I show the design…

It is not a big problem, but it would be great if it was possible to combine faces or somehow remove these…

Got it. If you switch to screenshot mode (under export) you can turn off edges completely.

I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you.

In general I actually like to have edges on, I feel that it is easier to understand the model. Like I said, this is not a big deal… Consider this conversation as my vote for ‘combine faces’ to be a future development…

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I have the same issue. Showing to a client, makes it seem unsightly, and they ask if there’ll actually be a line there.

I wouldn’t mind just being able to delete that edge, like deleting a chamfer/fillet.

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Depending on your exact solid there might be easier solutions for this. In my case, I was able to get rid of the edges by using sweep to create a new solid and then just intersecting to keep the wholes:
(I actually created a video for this, but it won’t let me upload because I am a new user…)
Hopefully this information helps someone else with the same problem.

Hi, @Detgfdty56467 thanks for sharing your workaround.
You should be able to post the video now :slight_smile:

(Thanks for the permissions)
Here is the video: