Locked Constraints not copying over

First of all, thanks to Daniel and Claas for hosting the webinar.

Daniel did say he’d report this to the design team but thought I’d document it here so that other users are aware of it too.

Whilst Claas was modelling, he brought up that locked points don’t carry over when sketches are copied. I had a play and noticed that the other constraints do.

In circumstances similar to the webinar, where sketches are copied to create multiple variations, I think that locked points should behave in the same way as all the constraints. Someone could copy a sketch and make an error in the belief that all the constraints have copied across when in fact, they haven’t.

I guess this is a feature request for them to behave the same way.

Picture to show sketches acting differently without the copied locked point, which of course would carry over into objects and have you scratching your head as to what could be different.