Lost constraints in copied sketches

Is it possible to keep constraints while applying “move/rotate” or “translate” functions (plus copy option) to sketches? In my case the original sketch is constrained (i.e. has locked angles, horizontal/vertical segments, locked points) but the copied sketch is geometrically equal to the original but unconstrained, so if you need to further elaborate the copied sketch you have to apply again all constraints to it.
Original constrained sketch is at left, copied sketch at right (please note constraints have disappeared). Constrained sketch scales without deforming, that’s the goal.

Hi @dayton Welcome to the Forum
Regardless of Constraints straightforward Move or Copy will not alter the geometry.
Visible Constraints are not be copied with the Sketch.
If there is a valid Use Case for copying Constraints in the manner you require may I suggest you make a feature request setting out the reasons.

Happy S3Ding

Many thanks for your precise answer