Loft works not always predictable

Hi all,

I’ve created a example where the faces to be loft between are fully symetric in it self. But when now creating a loft between these then this loft is not symetric anymore and I don’t find away to fix this. What I’m missing?

loft.shapr (700 KB)


You can move the white vertices to adjust the lofted body. Would that help?

Unfortunately not, because the number of white points on both sides is not equal. And for some corners there where no white points created.

What would be the expected result in this case? If you could post a screenshot of the bottom part, that would be help to better understand this case.

I’ve added some constraction axis which try to visualize the “expected” result. Also I’ve uploaded this version of .shapr including these construction axis.

Loft.shapr (420 KB)


I see, that would be reasonable, but unfortunately loft always connects vertices to vertices by default. But in future versions you will be able to set even the default vertex matching configuration as well, and that will allow you to do that. For now you would have to introduce those mid points on the lines manually (by defining the profile with more vertices)

Thanks, this helps, especially the “vertices to vertices” information.

Question, how could I in the given example introduce more mid points in the upper profile?

I don’t know how it was created, but if you made it with a sweep, then just create a profile that has an additional vertex there.