Loft Tool to fill the shape

Hey! I want to create new body with loft tool just like in this tutorial:

I want to fill all the shape. How can I achieve this? Tutorial from youtube does not work for me.

Sorry for double posting, but there are rules allow to upload only one picture. I want to fill body like this: from bottom to the top.

If I understand your sketch, the loft you desire won’t work. You first need to simplify it.

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I spent a lot of hours to get this but loft still not works. Im guess Im doing something wrong. And I can’t do attachment because Im new user. What a shame. It says “Guide curve’s vertices incorrectly intersect with profile vertices” or “Loft profile is not valid, select profile on a different plane”. Can it be because my top spline is too low? If I increase height it starts work. But I need it lower a lot.

SOLVED: just used other direction of loft, switched it to perpendicular for lower profile.

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