Lofting error

Hello! I’m new to lofting. Trying to build my first model using it but I keep getting the error in the screenshot. It does not matter which end I start from I keep getting the same error. What could possibly be wrong?

Hi @Swexam Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
Please help us to define the ‘problem’:

  1. Can it be assumed that Lofting proceeded from the narrow far end up to the Bright Blue Closed Sketch of the partially Lofted Body, but refuses to continue to the shorter similarly shaped Closed Sketch?

  2. Lofting in the reverse direction from the front end Circle, that this proceeds only up to the Closed Sketch, mentioned above, and again this refuses to Loft to the presently Bright Blue Closed Sketch?

The above resulting in the same two Closed Sketches presenting a barrier to completing the Loft.

From your ScreenShot it would seem that everything is in order.
I created a simplistic version with rounded Closed Sketches at each end a curved central section comprised of Rectangular Closed Sketches, across a total of 10 Closed Sketches. The Loft was created without any problems.

Be sure that you are Tapping the appropriate Closed Sketch properly, unhindered by it being too small to hit accurately or by any obstruction to the target area. It may help to Hide the Sketch on the Plane below the partially Lofted Body to avoid any confusion?

Next, without Deleting your existing Design, you could start a new Design and replicate only the Closed Sketches that will comprise the Lofted Body you need. Do not be tempted to Duplicate the existing Design as this will also duplicate the problem. The act of creating new Closed Sketches may resolve the problem, the additional practice will assist building your S3D Skills.
Further external help will probably require hands on investigation.

You will need to provide the S3D Team with the problem .shapr File for investigation.
If the project is not sensitive/copyright/whatever you could Upload the File to this Forum to see if any Members can help.
Only the Closed Sketches from the problem File would be required.

IMO you have made a good start, happy S3Ding :sunglasses: