Lost in a youtube tutorial

Hi there
to improve my (small) skill I watch many tutorial on youtube on the following @2:49
I don’t find how It’s done can you please help??
By the way if you know other way than youtube to find tutorial let me know
Kind Regards
link below


He drew a closed sketch of the ring shape he wanted to apply to the cylinder. Then he rotated and moved the sketch to one side and dragged the shaped part across the cylinder to give him the base shape he wanted.

If it’s the cross section view you are stuck on, he made a plane and double tapped it. Then he clicked the cross section view on bottom right of workspace and that allowed him to draw the ring shape on the mid-plane. I’ve made a short video clip showing that which might help you.

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thanks Stephen

I ll try that
I was sure i used a “function” like union or else

I just edited my last post after you replied. Hope it helps. Union wouldn’t have been needed at that point as he was still drawing the shape for the main ring body.

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I started from scratch and it works
thanks again