App crushed I lost all work :(

Any problems with app today ? I lost all my work because app was keep crushing :frowning: so I am assuming that is not possible to recover this ? Or Is it ?

Just don’t delete the app, before you save all your work outside the app.

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Thanks! but yeah … too late… I didn’t save any files, I didn’t think of any crush preventing action -save files, etc… as I assumed that apps do not crash that hard, it’s usually happening on PC…Anyways 2 houses and a bunch of other stuff are gone - all is gone with so many hours of work - have some pics only ha ha ha… ok - lesson learn do not trust apps :wink: make back-ups … Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I can only offer a hug! I can relate. I usually save multiple copies as I’m working. Were you on an iPad?

Hi @Isa, most likely your work is not gone. Are you sure that you are signed in to Shapr3D with the right account?

Yes on IPad and I love it . True . I learn the hard way . Save files is the key, so now I am saving every stage of my work progress . I really love this app! So now new project started.
Thank you for responding. :slight_smile:

Istvan, I tried . I checked all my accounts but no unfortunately all is gone. Firstly I never save anything just worked in App and secondly I even seems to have 2 e-mails connected to one subscription and on only one is communicating with system, for instance in case of lost password etc. I did check both so yeah . All is lost but I love this app and you guys do amazing job. The the AI, the speed and direct rendering is amazing. With that said I already started a new project - Scottish castle. Soon coming some pics. Thanks :slight_smile: