macOS BETA Bug Report

When the layer view is visible it is truncated to only show 5 layers even though there can be many more if the view is scrolled. There is no indication that there are more layers below the last one. I don’t seem to remember this problem being present in the previous version 3.55.

Beta version: 3.56.0 (647)
OS version: 11.1 (20C69)
Hardware specs: Apple Silicon mac Mini, 16GB RAM
Steps to reproduce: Open any Shapr3D file on a larger monitor!


I was about to report the same issue. The work around is to click on the the Item List button at the bottom to hide it, and then click on it again to show the list in its entirety.

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Thanks for that workaround, makes a huge difference being able to see the entire list. So this bug only appears to happen when a file is first opened.


Thanks for the report, we are already aware of this bug. I can’t promise a fix date, as we will rework the UI for mac in general, so it might come together with the new UI.

Keep the reports coming :slight_smile:


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Another workaround for now, is to pin/unpin the items list, that also solves the problem.

OK, thanks for this tip that does indeed solve the problem.