Text size, Group list, Awkward shortcuts

This is an excellent start, after using the macOS version of shapr for 10 mins I bought into a pro subscription.

I’m a long time user of SolidWorks, Siemens NX and on my mac Fusion360.
Fusion 360 was my goto for personal use once I got ithe excellent trackpad add-in which totally replaced my use of a 3D connexion space mouse, and removing the 3D connexion drivers I also gained much speed improvement of my mac overall and sleep worked correctly again, I’d never have guessed the driver was such a problem.

Anyway I digress, M1 MacBook came and then Shapr macOS and I’ve almost fully switched over for my modelling, however I’d like to see the following…

Adjustable interface text size, as a native macOS app the interface text is much much smaller than any other native app, and I cannot find a way to adjust it.

Group List doesn’t resize to the amount of items, the group list either in pinned or popover always shows about 5 items. There’s loads of room in the drawer but it only sometimes expands if I open a group with more than 5 items, close the drawer, open the drawer then it expands. but if I got back a group of or select a subgroup, it’s shrinks back to 5, and I’m scrolling a little list in the corner of my 4K external display. I’m hoping this is just a bug.

Lock the grid plane, can we have the option to lock the selected grid plane, llike we can lock the grid size please? Sometimes I want to quickly check a view but keep the context of the object manipulaton.

Default View shortcut, this is a daft choice, SHIFT, CONTROL, CMD, OPTION, 1,2,3,4,5,6 are all on the left side of the keyboard on a Macbook or iPad external keyboard. So why on earth put reset view as SHIFT-0??! This is ergonomically stupid. For left handed users the required keys are available on the right IF they have an extended keyboard, so I assume the person responsible for this decision is a left handed user who has and extended keyboard. Yet your target audience’s devices are mostly non extended keyboards.

User defineable keybaord shortcuts, this would solve the above and also another post I read where a user wanted to continue using the system provided zoom feature, which being part of the accessibility framework, you might want to reconsider. I’m sure you don’t want to alienate potential users and be known as the company who discriminate against those with disabilities.

In summary please read the Apple Developer UI guidelines, they’re there for a reason.

There are some niceties people have requested, like a speerate colour menu or change the layout of the tools etc. I see that you already treat each overlay for tools as seperate view controllers, and as these have come from iOS they’re already UIKit views. Adding an extra parent target view to these would allow for them to be “torn off” on the desktop without compromising your shared code-base with iOS, as iOS version would have the same named target overlayed full screen Converting these tool views to SwiftUI views from UIKit would also auto resize and layout the controls for each platform.

Other than these minor issues, it’s a great product and I look forward to seeing where this goes, you have the right foundation, the app is responsive and feels intuitive in most cases, and although I pick faults, it IS a native CAD tool which we have been waiting so long for.

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Hi @zombiRon , thanks for the feedback, super helpful.

Are you using your display on a scaled or retina resolution?

We are rewriting the entire items menu from scratch, consider the current one as a placeholder. It will look and work differently.

Click on the # XX mm button in the top right corner and click on Lock Grid Size.

Keyboard interactions are being designed at the moment.

Shapr3D is an Apple Design Award winning app, so you can be sure that we know the Apple HIG by heart :slight_smile: The mac version is in beta for a reason, and we are releasing better and refined versions every 2 weeks. Since we are porting an iPad app to mac, it’s not surprising that the least polished part of the mac app are the keyboard interactions. It will significantly improve over the next months.

The current color UI is quite terrible to use with keyboard and mouse, it’s being rewritten entirely. It was designed for touch only a years ago, it was time to rethink it completely.

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Hi Istvan, thanks for replying, however this feels like… “blame this on user error while insulting the user’s intelligence and ignoring any experience with CAD products. Anything I can’t blame on the user, I’ll point out it’s obvious there’s going to be problems with the product in it’s current form, it’s still in beta".
Why ask us for feedback then??
Why charge for it if it isn’t ready yet?!
Sounds more like you want to defend it’s current state and not improve upon it!
Apple Design Award is irrelevant, did you receive it for Shapr3D on the Mac? NO! so leave it out of the conversation. If anything it means you should know better having got the iOS version right, how the HIG did you get this so wrong?!

Retina/scaled resolution makes no difference, and is a pointless question. The app’s font size is the font size. I was comparing apps to apps on the same screen, unless you know of some magic to set different retina modes per application, but I’m pretty sure the developer UI scale tool was retired many years ago. So to help you out, here’s a

of this very forum in Safari and embedded in Shapr to give you an idea. I’ve included the Safari zoom setting and the system prefs app in the screenshot for comparison of controls. As you can see, everything is Shapr is scaled down. This makes the text when selecting features for measurements at the bottom of the screen so small it’s unreadable.

I don’t think you read my request for the grid plane correctly, I want to lock the plane not the scale. i.e. I want my mouse movements to stay the same as I switch views. If viewing the model from the front, I may want to check the top view, I may want to slowly rotate back to the front view, but for some reason I can’t because the Z plane has engaged and my mouse now just rotates a plan view.

Great to hear that you’re overhauling the UI, but maybe this should have been presented as a technology preview. BETA suggests that something is well on the way to release. This I would say is still Alpha from a UI PoV.

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I have the same problem with the small text size and the awkward resolution.

Also the item list displays only 3… to the others I have scroll down. There is so much space why isn’t the space used?

Is there a chance to fix it?

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Yes, absolutely, we will fix this. The item menu is being rewritten from scratch at the moment.

I’ve had a quick look at 3.59, and this is much improved; well done and thankyou.
I just noticed something though, how do I submit this comment??

Glad to hear that. Bottom bar will be gone in the next release. Until then you can use Cmd+Enter, but I guess you figured that out already :slight_smile: