How to space holes equal distance on oval shape

Hi It’s probably very easy way to space 60holes equal distance on oval shape but can’t figure how to do it

I see only manual way. Maybe someone else knows better method.

But it’s not so hard even manually

Made only 1/4 and then mirror it

P.S. I know that I have not 60 holes :slight_smile:

I can make a video after dog walk if needed.

I have done manual as well.Devided middle oval length to 60 and spaced out on wright line ,same only quarter than mirror it .Thank you any way

Then I just leave it here for someone who maybe will be interested in a future.

I know the distance between circles not perfectly equal according to oval. But do you really need it to be precisely equal? If so amount of lines can be doubled or tripled to make it even more precise.


Wow, amazing thinkwork! Maybe a dog walk is good to find out solutions :grinning:. I am struggeling with oval shapes a long time and hoped that there was as an automatic function, but this is the key to do it manual. see my question: How to apply pattern to cylinder?

Going to try this right away, Thanks for your explanation

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I didn’t event know yet about Shapr3D at that moment :slight_smile: Only about 2 months here.

Thumbs up!
Seeing your genius solution I just realized that I need to learn more about the sketch constrains. :melting_face:
I always struggle to get the constrains right, as soon as I start to move one element everything else is shifting around :rofl:
Maybe I can find a good tutorial on that, or I have to spend more time in trial and error.

I’m a software developer by profession and it can sounds silly but that really helps me in 3d modeling. I found out that I have to think just as I do then I write a code.

Constrains is very powerful tool (in any CAD) so that is the first thing you really have to learn before doing any modeling.

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I mostly use shapr3D for designing custom lights we build for our customers. Especially to have a quick way to give out a visualization to the client without spending to many hours in construction.
But I see how a more educated way working with constrains may make my life a lot easier. :hugs: