Making a Corrugated tube

Hi I have been researching on how to make a corrugated tube. Here is my design steps. No, I don’t know if this is going to be rigid non moving or the type you can pull in and out. Maybe others can chime in on adjusting my steps. But once I figured it out I thought it was fairly simple. So I thought I would share.
1: Create a Circle sketch Plane
2: Place sketch plan so that the Z axis, I think it is, goes through the middle of the sketch plan.
3: Select the Resolve tool
4: select both the sketch plan and the Axis of rotation
5: first extrude the sketch plane to the height in mm dimensions you need. I needed 100mm inner dimensions.
6: Use the arrows meant for angle of rotation to achieve the amount of threads you need. I don’t know what it is called on a tube.
7: create another circle sketch plan a little smaller that the original and move it into the right place in the center of the tube.
8: Extrude the smaller circle plan through the tube to create the inner hole.
That’s the basic way to make a corrugated tube. There are probable other steps that will make the threads bigger or smaller to make a bolt. So Play around with it. But this is a quick way to get started. Easier than I thought it would be so I thought I would share. Researching on the net I found others that had the same question. My design does not really need to move in and out. If it does after printing then that is a bonus.