Mass Property Calculations

Is there a way to include / associate densities with materials in the material library to determine the weight of bodies in models. Displaying weight would be a good start then determining centers of mass, moments of inertia, etc. would provide good engineering data for product design. If this can be currently done please let me know how? Thanks

I am 99% sure the answer is no, or at least not yet. And I don’t think this will be super helpful to you, but gkjohnson over at Three.js just showed me this BIM tool which looks interesting and may be adaptable to use from outputs of Shapr3D:

IFC JS (twitter)

I’ve not tried it, but it looks pretty interesting.

It’s not available at the moment.

But, when you select a body in the model space, you get it’s volume shown in the bottom middle of the screen, so if you know the density of the material you want to use, it’s quite easy from that point. Having different materials and multiple bodies could be a challenge though.