Shut down

I can not open my project. It celowe automatically afte a few seconds

Hi, could you please give us a bit more info about the issue? Please let us know the following:

  • Detailed specs of the device you are using
  • Version of Shapr3D
  • Version number of OS you are using
  • And the Shapr3D workspace. If it is confidential, please feel free to share it with us at


Thank you for answering. I install everything new an now it run well.

Other question is it possible to get material information in the model parts ?

Awesome, thanks for letting us know.

The material assignment is not possible currently, but it will change in the future :slight_smile: Could you please tell me what info would be necessary?

I am working on a big project in my master degree. I need in the end the specific weight of different parts. This is relevant for other calculations for me. I work only with this application and this ist amazing how fast I can work. If there coming some specials like weights and maybe Details in drawings, maybe all of the company will use this application.

When you select the body, there are parameters listed at the bottom of the screen. One of them is volume. You can use this volume and multiply it times the standard density of the material you plan to use. Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes one solution. But if e have different materials and maybe want to know the total weight of maybe one group of parts or the final weight of my model (here I use steel< aluminium plastic etc.)