Material Copy/Paste

It would be nice if there was a way to copy and paste materials from one part of a model to another. On ipad, hold down pressure on the material area, it copies that material, then do the same thing to paste it elsewhere. Just a way to speed up placing multiple of the same material around a complicated model. (For desktop, obviously context menus would be in play)



You can already do it, though in a bit different way.

When you select a body which you want to change the material into something else, you can click on the Change button in the side menu. When you do that, a dropdown opens, which starts with the list of already used materials in the workspace. You can pick the one you want to apply from there.

Alternatively, you can also see the list of used materials in the side menu when there is no selection, and drag and drop the material from there.

Yes I am familiar with that. I was just thinking of a way to speed up that workflow a bit. Streamline it a tad.

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I like the suggestion. I don’t think that the alternative @Laci_K offered works well, esspecially not when you have a long list of materials used.