Materials - Visualisation

Hi - I am wondering if I can add my own materials somehow ? I am in the refractory
industry and would need more ceramic surfaces than provided in Shapr3D’s library.
Looking forward to your reply !

That can’t be done at present. Maybe in the future it will be possible.
There are other options such as using an external renderer. I use Keyshot, which is easy to work with and has a vast library of materials and allows me to use my own if I want to.

On the iPad you can use Cadmio, it has the feature to import your own textures.
On desktop Blender can be an alternative as well. It’s not only for visualization but a complete 3D package, so it may not be so easy to learn, however, it is free.

Thanks - will try this ! BR, B.

I have Cadmio on might iPad as well, but adding my own textures has limitations.

That’s a recent Cadmio render of a bus cab I’m working on. It came in very useful for the seat and floor materials, but bump or displacement maps can’t be used. That’s why I’m using Keyshot for the final renders when everything else is done.


Thanks - looks promising !!!

Adding and or saving modified materials would be a good option too. And what i also miss is the option to ad “stickers” on a surface. This is for years an option in Keyshot and I use it a lot. Can both options be added?

Stephen you said you added your own material to Cadmio i would be interested in know how you were able to do that.

Thank you

@danno11 I’ll do a short video soon Dan. It will be easier than trying to explain it.

ok, Thank you

Here you go Dan. Cadmio won’t record pencil taps like Shapr does, so I’ve done a voiceover to make it easier to follow.
Basically, from the Utility Materials I dragged the Custom Material preset onto the seat cushion. Then I resized and rotated on the three axis until it looked right.
I repeated the process for the seat backrest. Then again for the headrest.
I hope this helps.

Thank you Stephen, that helps very much. Hopefully Shapr3D will have the ability to add our own materials soon that would make their Visualization so much better.

Thank again