Measuring Distance between circle edges

HI All-

New user just going through tutorials for a 2nd time, trying to get better at all this to use with a 3d printer. I took some measurements for some dimensions between what will be two circular cutouts of a bracket. What i measured was the space between the edges of the circles (specifically the protrusions that will stick up through them) vs. center to center. I’m trying to find a tool so that I can define the distance between the two circle edges vs doing the math of the radius 1 plus radius 2 plus the distance between (that I measured).

Is this tool hiding somewhere? I’m working on the iPad software.


For this, activate the Measure tool on the bottom left of the screen, then select the edges of the 2 circles. In the Measurement panel, you will see a “Min distance” value, that will be the distance between the 2 closes point of them. You can even pin this value if needed, so it remains visible.

You can also do the same in Drawings, just select the two circles: