Measuring (not point to point)

Hi, just starting with Shapr3D and have designed quite a good amount of working models to feed my 3D printer successfully, some of them rather complex. What I struggle with is the basic function of measuring between sides of objects at areas that do not have points. The point-to-point measuring tool only allows measuring between defined points but not in the middle or anywhere in an object. I tried searching high and low but am no closer to finding a solution (maybe there isn’t one) as I would think that’s a pretty basic function, no?

Have you tried tapping on the faces, then looking down at the bottom of the screen? There you will see distances, min, max, and some other parameters.

Unfortunately, it does not give you the dimensions needed. Here is an object as an example, just quickly want to see the lid’s outside dimensions (left to right) but have not found a way to measure reliable other than using the sketch tool and drawing a line, and deleting afterward.

You can add projected edge that will let you do measurements at any time in a future.