Migrate to temporary ipad

My iPad Pro needs to go in for a repair so I want to migrate my designs to my older iPad. The best way I can figure out is to use AirDrop one by one. The problem is that I can’t be logged in to two iPads at the same time. I understand the reason for the restriction, but can we make it so that imports are allowed for logged out users, they just can’t alter the designs or export? That would make things much easier. Also, I would like to confirm that these designs are included in an iCloud backup for when I get a new iPad to restore to. Thanks!

I operate on two iPads, one at the shop, and one at home. Since I don’t restore the 2nd iPad, I cannot answer if it will transfer files over. However, I do save each design to iCloud, as Shapr3D files, and those files are available on the 2nd iPad, by importing them.

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Hi, a workaround can be to export the files and save them to your device’s file manager or to iCloud first
and afterward import them into the other device.

However I send you a direct message here on how we can manage your subscription to enable you share files between both devices using AirDrop.

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I had the same problem and solve it by accessing to the ipad via itunes there i go to the shapr3d volume and copy the workspace folder on my mac. Tehn I copy this folder to the second ipad using the same process.
and migrate 67 shapr3d files in 3 clicks :hugs: