iCloud sync or automated save / load to iCloud

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(Probably this is not the corret category for this; please advice for the correct place for such suggestions)

I‘m working quite seamlessly between two iPad‘s. For that the workflow is currently still very cumbersome, so one needs first to export into a .shapr file, then choose to save to files app, then agree to overwrite, then choose to import from the files app, navigate to the file, choose which workspace (new or current), finally continue with work.
Would be great to have this happening magically and so having the Files app as the ground throuth for the work, and not the internal storage of the Shapr App.

Is something like this already on the roadmap?


To be honest, it’s not a common thing for most users to use 2 iPads at the same time. So developing a workflow just for that is not in the core focus.

But I completely understand the frustration because of the extra work + steps you need to make.

We have discussed it internally before if a cloud solutions would make sense or not. So it’s a topic we have raised before, but there’s no clear decision + direction for that issue / feature.

Out of curiosity: how come you use 2 iPads for your work?

I’m using a 13” for the actual stationary work, and the 10” for mobile usage.

I’m wondering whether the iCloud workflow would also allow easier collaboration or sharing updates - just thinking out load … :wink:

Yeah, collaboration is something we have already thought about as a possible new feature. But we have to better understand how to get it right.

Could we get some folders please, for the workspaces.

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