Missing sketches in imported files

For some reason on some workspaces, letters A-E are missing from the alphabet file I shared recently. Whenever I import the file, that group of sketches is just not there. Works fine in other workspaces. Kinda important as I wanna write “France”

Also worth noting that when I undo an import, and then redo, the app crashes.


Hi Rob, thanks for letting us know. We consider this bug a top priority as it may result in possible data loss. We are on it.


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Something like that. I tried open a draw a worked with, the software turn the circle like opening and suddenly the software closed. So time after time. I have to draw it again the next morning.


The issue has been fixed and will be included in our next release (3.5.1). Thanks again for the report!

Hiiii… still not fixed :confused:


Could you please share the problematic workspaces? We will investigate further. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.