Imported sketches cannot be placed or moved

  1. Import a DXF or DWG file, leaving “Auto-Constraint” off
  2. Select the newly imported sketch plane (the whole plane; not the sketch elements)
  3. Select Move/Rotate
  4. Drag any of the arrows or type in a distance.

I get an error that sketch constraints could not be solved, despite that a) I’m not changing relative coordinates of anything within the sketch but rather trying to move the entire object; b) the sketch has no constraints anyway.

Sometimes Move/Rotate works but Translate doesn’t. Occasionally I can copy or project the sketch to another plane and move the copy. It’s unpredictable. There’s also no option to position the sketch before completing the import, like there is when placing a raster image — it just stays stuck wherever it first appeared.

I could work around this if sketches appeared centered on the origin, but they seem to position themselves with one corner permanently at 0,0,0 which is not at all helpful.

Imported sketches are basically unusable due to these problems, which is bad because not everything can be achieved using the built-in sketching tools (no way to outline a path, for example). Please fix asap.

Tested on version 5.70.0 (2610), both Mac and iPad.

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Thanks, we are looking into this. We are going to deliver a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements in the sketch engine in the next few months.


Yes, I also encountered the same problem. All imported DXF and DWG format files are unusable, to be exact, they can’t be found at all.

It appears this has been fixed in 5.80. Thanks!