Sketch to 3D Problems

So I made this sketch right here, but everytime I try to pull out one of the letters for example the complete sketch disappears. Why is that and how can I fix this?

I’m having the same problem, and it has ground my development to a halt. If I import a dwg file, and try to extrude the slightest detail, the rest of the sketch disappears. If you see a work-around, please post it.

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The scketches not disappears, only automatically hided…… I think.
Check the item list.


Ok, it was a complicated drawing and I had to dig through the history, but then I found the dwg containing the symbols. If I highlighted it in the history and extruded an individual element, then the other symbols did not disappear. And it seems they only disappear the first time you try to extrude part of the dwg, because after that it seems normal and I can jump around to other elements without going to the history folder anymore.

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