Sketch lost

Hi, I lost my sketches which was painful. It happened when I undo or redo multiple times. Any tips can help me find my sketches? By the way, sometimes a blue circle which I may extrude will become wild. I mean I may extrude 3/4 blue circle instead of 100%. Everything will be ok if I delete it and make a new one. Thank you.

Hi - if you send us the workspace we might be able to help.

Would you be able to send us a video of the second problem, hard to imagine what could’ve happened.

Waiting …


This happened when sketch lost

HI -this is a bug of the modeling kernel we are using, in the new version, 3.0 (coming out in a month), there won’t be a bug like this. What we usually do is recreate the sketch in a new workspace, that usually helps.

I received your workspace, but then I’ve never heard back, can you clarify for me please, how the original sketches looked like, that would help us understand the depth of the problem.

Hi,I can’t wait to see new patch. It is alright,I already recreated sketches.
However, it appears that the union function has broken in this workspace. I tried to export sharp to my files and opened it in new workspace. It didn’t work. Many thx.

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I have trouble when using union or subtracting function. It just made app restarting again. Why would this happen?

Would you be able to send a video?

Can you see that?
I was about to mirror and rotating another part. Union function failed for them.