Model a Canoe? Lofting won’t do!

I was trying to model a Canoe but was unable to make Lofting work effectively.

Any advice or suggestions?

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Create the general outline of the top, then offset the edge and lower it to where it makes sense. Add the curves/guidelines you want, loft it, and then shell it. Remember to select the sketches and the guidelines when lofting.

I’m assuming something like this


I understand the concepts but have a hard time to realize how to create the curves/guide lines. I suppose they need to intersect the upper and lower surfaces. Could someone explain how to go about to create these?

The Shapr team has a lot of great tutorial videos on youtube/on the app. I would suggest watching the step-by-step guides, they helped me so much. You will start to see a pattern on how your design process should go, and how to resolve something if you ever get stuck.

As for Lofting/guidelines, the first 5 minutes of this video goes over it pretty well:


Thanks - This tutorial is exactly what I needed. I had understood how lofting worked but had a hard time to create proper connected guideline sketches.

The tutorial goes over this very well!