Model Rebuild

How do you rebuild the models? I can edit the sketch but the model doesn’t rebuild to the sketch changes?


Whenever you create a body from a sketch, the body becomes it’s own identity.


Sharp is a direct modelling tool, so once the body is created, there is no connection with the sketch anymore. You can freely modify the body, and in the end, generate manufacturable drawings and sketches from the body.

Thanks! I think I am starting to get it figured out. It doesn’t work like Pro-E or Solidworks which is what I’m used to.

Yes, it’s quite different from parametric modelling, but once you get the hang of it, you will love it :slight_smile:

For example, there are no conflicts later because you change something in a sketch, no need to remodel potentially lots of skeetches/bodies, or maybe even the whole model :slight_smile: