Model smaller than cad

I am trying to model a simple ramp with free version. I have set the height to about 2 inches length to about 6 and width to about 3. I have the measurement setting down as inches but when I load the model up to fusion and my slicer its wayyyyyy smaller than what I modeled it.

Hi Ace250,

When you export your model as STL, there are some advanced options where you can define the Output Format and the Units. Are these units inches too?


Yes they are also set to inches.

I too work in inches. When you finish your model, change units to millimeters (upper right corner) and then export as STL. Your slicer expects metric.

Yes, this is what I was thinking about. You can easily find that out by reimporting your STL into shapr. If it has the right dimensions, you should look at the slicer’s settings.

If none of these works, upload the design please and we will find out what can be the issue