Shapr STL. file will not slice

Attached design looks fine in Shapr3D and converts to STL. But in Cura Slicer the STL file looks flat like a 2D. Cannot upload file. Dialog box says New Users cannot upload files

Something is odd then. I use Shapr3D and export the “Print 3D” format, and use that file with Cura all the time. No issues.

I believe I made an error in file creation, have not been able to find. Thanks for confirming the successful use of Cura.

Working fine in Prusa slicer

Thanks for tip on Prusa. I downloaded and you are spot on. Will try a printing later today.


Believe I have a setting error in Shapr3D. When I loaded into Prussia it indicated a width of 1mm not the 2” that I designed it to be. In Shapr3D it showed a dimension line length of 2”.
Grid indicates.1” measurement and I have line covering 10 units of grid.
Any suggestions on where I am going wrong?

Change the measurement units in Shapr3D to mm. Then export and load into your slicer.

I design in Inches. As a result each time I import the STL file into one of my slicers, I MUST choose the units I designed in.

Thank you, Tom. Now have a working slice file from Cura.

When I forget to change to mm from inches the STL shows up very miniscule. Happens every other time I export. Derp!

It will become a learned behavior perhaps next year. I keep nifty rulers around with mm and inches for quick visualization.

Good suggestion about ruler. I’ll have to find my old computer ruler from the 90’s. It has inches in 10th.s and mm.

Tenths, good stuff there!