Modeling History Not clean after deleting the body (Beta)

After selecting and deleting the solid body, i suppose the related commands could be automatically removed from the history tree. But actually in Beta, i can see they still appear on the history tree. It is strange to me. As i remember, in other CAD like solidworks, only the first sketch should be left.

(first picture, before deleting body) (second picture, selecting the solid body) (third picture, after deleting)

It’s a deliberate decision to keep the body’s history and add a “Delete” step, instead of deleting it from the feature tree. This way you can use bodies and other geometries as helper/reference objects, and just delete them when they are no longer needed. If you want to delete a body from the history, just select the body, which will make only the related history steps being displayed in the history panel, select all the steps, and delete them.

Why are “the related history steps still being displayed in the history panel” after deleting the solid body? In which scenerio do we need those history steps?
Yes, i can select those history steps and delete them manually. But in many cases, i cannot remember which steps were used to create the body, or even cannot identify them when opening other people’s file.

(picture 1 : just select the body only, and delete; picture 2: the result after delete)

i believe Istvan meant to delete the the entries from the history panel instead of deleting the body itself. you delete the history entries and the body will disappear as there is no history for that body. i like it this way because later on i can restore bodies i deleted. and in case i accidentally created something i delete the history entries so it’s like it never happened.

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