Modifiers and Pie Menus

Just want to share some user feedback based on my usage of the windows app, so far really enjoying it but just two things I’d like to see:

I feel like a pie menu would be very useful for keyboard and mouse users, everything currently feels kind of buried and although it’s a nice UI for pen users I would appreciate more of a pie menu system similar to Maya. This could potentially also work really well with keyboard and pen too. It could range from predefined context sensitive menus to custom user created ones. Would be a rather large UI job to do but I think would be worth it.

Next one is much farther down the road but I think it’s a feature set that should be looked into and planned ahead of time.

It would be nice to have a modifier system similar to Houdini. Which would allow for a more procedural workflow, like more dynamic booleans, mirroring, warps, selections, etc. Since nodes would be math based it could also be potentially used for animating or simulating procedural effects. This would allow Shapr to be a friendlier Grasshopper which is used a lot for architecture and modern furniture.

Ideally, you’d select an object and call a node graph window. Then in the graph window a pie menu could be used to create nodes and it would be a drag and drop kind of system. It could stay out of sight until it’s called and so avoid cluttering the current UI, maybe in the item menu the object could have an icon next to it to call its graph. Folders could potentially have a graph so multiple objects can have the same effect as well.

Just a thought, I definitely consider my modifier request a long shot but just something I wanted to share. I believe Fusion also has a modifier system but I’m only familiar with Houdini and Blender when it comes to procedural work. Thanks for your time.


Also, I was thinking about it and it would also allow users to make their own modifiers and share them between projects, say through a library system. So it could be a very useful and modular system and allow the community to make their own specific modifier to use on objects.

Improving the mouse and keyboard experience is a high priority for us.

Regarding the modifier system: something similar is on our roadmap, but we are not sure yet when we will deliver it.

No worries about the modifier system, I wouldn’t expect an estimate for it. If you can make it modular and something users can build like in Houdini I think it would be nice but even a simpler system like blender would be appreciated. However, they too are moving towards a node based system with their geometry nodes so it’s something to look into. Thanks for the reply!

Pie menus are a nice method for menus since you can kind of flick around, I could see it being used in conjunction with keyboard shortcuts and what not.