Modify Revolve angle and pitch later?


I feel stupid asking this, but how do you modify the angle/degrees or pitch of a revolve, once you made it and clicked away (de-selected). Where do you click?

On an extrude you can click the face again after and the value box appears again. There gotta be a similar way for a revolve.

My use-case. I did a revolve and then went on with the modeling. But now I discovered the threads I made, what the wrong way. It had to be -1800 deg rather than just 1800. I guess I should have thought og this, since the pitch was -6.

I had the same question with a spring/spiral - the present situation seems to be that, once you’ve ‘put it down’, that functionality is no longer accessible. :-/

Hmm. That sux. But thanks. I was afraid this was the situation… I guess I’ll have to delete and redo.